Problem: Lawsuits "You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one!"

Solution: A Personal Liability Umbrella can be written over your auto and home insurance policy at an average cost of $210 per year for 1,000,000 coverage. That is less than $20 per month.

Problem: Flooding

Solution: You don't have to be in a flood zone to carry flood insurance coverage. We can determine for you what flood zone your property is in. Approximately $320 per year!

Problem: Depreciation on New Automobiles

Solution: GAP Insurance is available through your auto insurance carrier to guarantee full pay off of your loan, should a total loss of that vehicle occur. In most cases it is much cheaper than carrying coverage through the lien holder providing the loan for your vehicle.

Problem: Rental Car Coverage Charges

Solution: Most of our companies will extend the same coverage to your rental car that you carry on the vehicle you have left "stationary" while renting the replacement vehicle. If the vehicle is being used by someone else in your absence and is not stationary you should purchase the coverage offered by the rental firm. Coverage is "NOT" worldwide or provided in Mexico.

Problem: Deductibles

Solution: Many of our auto carriers provide a "credit" toward your overall deductible for each year that you are incident free. This "credit" information is provided each year on your coverage page.


Building or Remodeling a Home? Be sure your contractor has a "Certificate of Insurance." We recently had an insured who found out his contractor had no General Liability Insurance after he started the home on fire while welding. The fire caused over $125,000 in damage and the contractor had no insurance to cover the damage.

Code Compliance: If your home is 10 years or older you should check to be sure your home insurance policy provides "Code Compliance" coverage. This coverage will provide for the expense of getting your wiring and/or plumbing up to current building codes should you suffer a partial or total loss of your home.

Vehicle Title Insurance: If your purchasing a used vehicle, visit to see the vehicles title history.

Motorcycles and Boats: We insure them! We have carriers who will offer coverage as low as $200 per year. Call us for free pricing!

METLIFE CLIENTS: You can obtain a 7% credit on your auto policy if you take advantage of Metlife's on site drivers course. You can locate this course at: or call 1-800-392-8594.

Problem: Stolen Identities

Solution: Many of our insurance companies are providing a coverage on homeowners policies to provide protection for Identity Theft Resolution. With some of our carriers the coverage is free of charge. Others provide it at a minimal fee.

Disclaimer: Coverages vary from company to company - contact a licensed representative for specifics.


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