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Who should I call if I have been in accident?

1) If you were at fault you should call us or your insurance company directly to file a claim.

2) If the other party was clearly at fault you can call their insurance company to file your claim. This eliminates you having to pay your deductible to get repairs done until the company subrogates for your deductible.

3) Call our office directly if you are unsure who was really at fault and we will assist you with determining your next step.

I have been hit in a parking lot and the police will not come because its private property...What should I do?

1) Take pictures of all vehicles involved including license plate numbers and damaged areas of vehicles.

2) Locate a security guard or any witness close by and get their name, phone number and address. Have security guard complete a site report.

3) Obtain other parties insurance company name, phone number and policy number

4) Contact us with all the information.

Disclaimer: Coverages vary from company to company - contact a licensed representative for specifics.


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